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wellbutrin concentration

A: The Wellbutrin will help you with depression, weight loss, and if your concentration issues are related to anxiety or depression, it will help you with that as well. I felt more energy within a few days of taking Wellbutrin. I felt less depressed in a couple of weeks. It also suppressed my appetite, which helped me maintain and eventually lose weight (it didn’t cause me to lose weight, it just made it easier). It was very, very helpful for me, along with therapy. I didn’t feel my mind altered at all on it – I was actually more alert and obviously more happy, so I was more myself. I still was capable of the deep thought that came along at my lows, without the desire to kill myself, so it was a good trade-off. I don’t suggest taking adderall – you have to take it multiple times a day and you crash each time. If you have ADHD (and it’s not depression or anxiety causing your concentration problems), it’s better to take a long-lasting drug like Vyvanse. No crash, and it lasts 12 hours so you only have to take it once. If you don’t have ADHD, don’t even take adderall. It has an EXTREME effect on those without ADHD. The Wellbutrin will help with the depression-caused difficulty concentrating.

Q: Wellbutrin in addition to Adderall for concentration?
1st (I do talk to and see a Dr, so you don’t have to read this entire thing to ambush me)

Do you think that adding Wellbutrin to my current Adderall regime will help?

I have concentration issues and other stuff that is related … I could go further in detail, but I already know that I will get some comments about being lazy and blah blah blah…
In short: I procrastinate beyond my control. I cant focus on material or projects. I can concentrate and even “over” concentrate on harder topics that I enjoy in college like calc and sci class.

I have been on Adderall for the past year and it did work wonders at times, but I never completely fix my issues. The past month or so, I do not feel the Adderall working at all, or very little at best. I know how and why, and I (not my dr) will not increase my dosage every time I get used to the med.

I have the scripts already, but I research my health stuff before jumping into a regimen that was created in 5 seconds by a very busy doctor. It takes 4-8 weeks to work so I am in no rush.


A: I took Wellbutrin for over a year for major depression. One of my biggest problems with depression was overwhelming fatigue, and Wellbutrin was known as a stimulating antidepressant. It did seem to help at first, but like other meds, the effects seemed to peter out. Eventually I stopped it.

I don’t have many problems with concentration, so your case, of course, is different than mine. In case you have not seen the link below, it may be a source of great inspiration to you. Beneath that is some info on Wellbutrin. I wish you well.

Q: Is anyone else having the same side effects to Wellbutrin SR?
I take Wellbutrin SR 150mg twice daily for over 6 months, I have been having some interesting side affects since, first of all my short term memory and my memory all together have been pretty much non-existent, my concentration is lower then it has ever been and I am always tired and my reflexes are shot. Is anyone else having these problems? And if so how did you solve them?

A: I tried it for a short time to see if it was acceptable and it made me too tired and kept me awake at night so I got off it. So I didn’t have the problems as extensive as yours. I ended up using antidepressants for about two and a half years and went off the one I was on about 3 months ago and noticed I felt again. I see how the antidepressant dulled my life inside, I am happy to be off them. If your symptoms are unacceptable and they are causing more problems than you are getting help from a medication you should try to switch to a different medication that you can live with. That is how I solve my problem with a medication that is causing unacceptable side affects and I talk to my doctor about it to figure out an alternative.

Q: Can someone who has gained weight on every SSRI remain weight-neutral with a combo of an SSRI + Wellbutrin?
I have been on numerous SSRIs in the past for anxiety and OCD, but I also have concentration issues (perhaps ADD). I am scared of Adderall, so I’m trying Wellbutrin in addition to an SSRI. I’m concerned with getting even more anxious, but I assume it can’t be as bad as Adderall would be. So, my question is – can the Wellbutrin counteract the metabolism-based weight gain experienced with an SSRI? I can only find information on the use of Wellbutrin to mitigate sexual side-effects. Not so much about weight stabilization.

A: I take Wellbutrin, it was because I gained weight on Zoloft (30 lbs) and Paxil, and Prozac made me feel like a zombie and I did not like the sexual side effects. I have been taking Wellbutrin for about two years now and have not gained weight from it. I do not take an ssri along with it though, the wellbutrin has helped some for my ocd and I also take anti anxiety medication.

Q: wellbutrin vs. stimulants…does anyone have experience studying with both?
I would like to hear how these two compare but mostly any negative side effects of wellbutrin since I know stimulants fairly well…i.e. problems with wellbutrin including memory, concentration, general sense and what not…

A: Wellbutrin is certainly not an ideal ADHD medication or study aid.

Wellbutrin typically gives some energy equal to a cup or two of coffee. When they studied Wellbutrin to see if it was addictive and how stimulating it was, the people in the test said coffee was superior in both addiction and stimulation. It is really best for people with depression without anxiety. It does not work very well for other issues.

Wellbutrin is dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Amphetamines like Adderall are serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors. Amphetamines also act as MAOI’s and stop the breakdown of the neurotransmitters, and Amphetamine will enter the cells containing the neurotransmitters and force the cells to “dump” the chemicals out. So amphetamines work from all aspects to increase the neurotransmitters.

Side effects are the same type of things. But Wellbutrin has become infamous for its seizure risk (much higher than stimulants). Like stimulants it can increase concentration. There is little to no effect on memory and there are no changes in thinking like amphetamines can cause (ie stimulants can cause metacognition and related things). Over all Wellbutrin actually has more side effects.

I have taken Wellbutrin and I currently take Adderall XR. When taking Wellbutrin I was very shaky and was probably close to having seizures. Adderall (at 60 mg) has been fine and highly effective.

Q: Wellbutrin cognitive abilities?
I’m confused. Does wellbutrin sharpen your cognitive abilities or not? Some say that it makes you dull and inarticulate. Others say it makes you sharp and able to concentrate. Others say it impairs your memory. Anyone who is depressed, and ONLY taking Wellbutrin, please answer.

How does it affect:
concentration, creativity, ’sharpness’, verbal/written skills, memory. And finally, does it help you to retrieve that dream-like awe and ability to have strange and creative thoughts? Please don’t laugh. All the magic has been completely snuffed from my life.

A: I just started using Wellbutrin SR 150 mg about 3 weeks ago. This is the ONLY antidepressant that I am taking. I do believe that it improves cognitive function. I was on Remeron for 2 months before this and I was getting ready for an entrance exam for pharmacy school. I was a wreck. I couldn’t concentrate. Math has always been my hardest subject. I was struggling with the calculations and I couldn’t understand why (I already have a BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a BS in Biology- so I have definitely done my fair share of math). I was desperate to get ready for the exam. With less than I week to go I saw my psychiatrist and she had me taper off Remeron and added the Wellbutrin. Within hours of taking the first dose my brain slowed down enough to show me a glaring fundamental problem in my thought process- I HAD FORGOTTEN HOW TO PROPERLY DO LONG DIVISION (you know which one gets divided by which…) I couldn’t believe it but right then and there I was able to slow down and effectively study for my exam with an increased level of satisfactory concentration and less anxiety as the days went on. By test day, I was super calm and relaxed and I got through the exam without any major mental breakdowns that I had been dealing with for several practice exams in the months prior to this date.
To this day, I am only taking Wellbutrin SR 150 mg 2x daily and I don’t know what I would have done without it.

Q: Does anybody know of an anti depressant that helps motivation and concentration?
Zoloft isnt helping, Paxil turned me manic, wellbutrin gave me a seizure…I would like tosuggest something to my doctor and was hoping someone has some feedback on how a specific medicine helped them. I have a fear of failure and disappointment that I think is the cause of the lack of motivation at least. The only thing that helped was klonopin. But it is addictive and hard to get a prescription. Any feedback?

A: You may want to speak to your doctor about Venlafaxine (Effexor), which acts on seratonin and boosts levels of norepinephrine (the neurochemical affected by earlier antidepressants called tricyclics). It has a good track record in treating cases that fail to respond to other medication. If you have not done this already, you may want to combine your medical treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy.

Q: Question for people who got help from Wellbutrin!?
Before you found out that Wellbutrin is a drug that relieves your depression, or improves your concentration or relieves your other symptoms, did you feel better when you smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol/coffee or ate food?
I seem to have a mild depression, but i don’t feel any kind of pleasure from chocolate, cigarettes, food, alcohol, sweets… This made me think that there is something wrong with my dopamine. (That’s why i’m asking people with Wellbutrin experience)

A: Prior to Wellbutrin nothing gave me plesasure. food maybe because the taste is an immediate pleasure but really I was just so apathetic. I didn’t want to take anti depressants because I thought the same as so many people that they would “get me high” or not work, I can do this by myself, etc….. I took Wellbutrin when I stopped smoking and it turned out I really liked it so I stayed on it for my depression. It didn’t make me high it just made me less depressed.

Part of depression is a lack of pleasure. You may also lose pleasure in doing things you used to enjoy, going out to eat, movies, hobbies…

Q: 300 Mg’s of wellbutrin xr and 15 Mg’s of adderall?
My doctor has just increased my wellbutrin to 300 mg from 150 mg & I have also been put on 15mg of adderall to take in the afternoon while at work .I am on these drugs for my low concentration levels at work as they tend to fade after 4 hours of being awake and I find it hard to think clearly. I’ve also been diagnosed for deppression.Has anyone tried this combo & what effects did they have on you? presently my dosages of 150 mg’s and 15 of adderall were not really helping my concentration levels or energy levels late in the work day. I was wondering what your experiences were.
i was on 150 mg’s for about 6 months and the adderall i have been on for 6 weeks now

A: Holy crap, I’d be swinging off the ceiling fan on that combo! I took adderall in the past, and it worked fine, but I lost too much weight.
I now take Wellbutrin, and just upped to 300. What I do take keep it going throught the day is to take I pill when I wake up and one after lunch, at about 2. That seems to help a lot.
Just something you can try if what you have makes you jittery.
And Wellbutrin killed 2 birds with one stone for me with ADHD and mild depression.
Good luck:)

Q: Wellbutrin— Does it really work ? ?
So far i have tried Zoloft(50), Prozac(20), Effexor(75) for my Dysthymia and OCD( Repetitive thoughts) but none of them has worked consistently. They only worked when i am severly depressed. Surprisingly all of the medicines worked within three days and got me out of sever depression. My problem is, none of them worked consistently to remove Dysthamia sysmptoms( Low Self Esteem, Getting irritated, Sluggshness of thoughts, Poor Memory, lack of concentration, small incidents causing OCD thoughts, lack of motivation etc..) They made me loose memory, coordination power absent minded, moody and excessively tired. FYI: Addrall works great for motivation, boosting mood and memory but it doent resolve occasional OCD and anxiety problems.

Do i really have Depression or something else( ADD, Bi-Polar)
Did anyone feel this way ?
Should i try WellButrin, does it really work ?

Please Advise.

A: Wellbutrin works differently than most of the other anti-depressants. It doesn’t effect serotonin, so you won’t feel as “good” as fast, but will get a better “level” mood for a longer period of time. Wellbutrin also doesn’t decrease sex-drive like the other anti-depressants do. If the others haven’t worked for you, try Wellbutrin.

Q: What prescription would help with concentration?
I was put on Wellbutrin and it did not really help. I was asking my doctor to change my prescription. Doctor said we had to wait till he set me up with a psychologists to see if i have ADD. Now that i think about it i do not want to take a controlled substance drug. I feel like the psychologist over diagnosed me and gave me 2 types of depression pills, (Xanax) for anxiety. and Seroquel for bi-polar. I refuse to take these drugs, because i feel 100% that he is a nut. The most i may have is mild depression. The thing now is psychologist called my doctor and eliminate the chance of me getting the proper medication for ADHD. Again i know my own body and i feel his judgment on medication is wrong. What can i do to get the proper medication that i need. What would you recommend me to do? What do you think of the psychologist? What medication help you with concentration?

A: The most common ADHD med is Concerta. If you’re unhappy with your doctor get a second opinion.

Q: Which pill is best for helping increase energy, concentration?
I am an adult F age 37 being treated for these -
1. B12 deficient neuropathy. (Neurontin 2000mg day, Combunox 4xday, B12 Injections 1xmo.)
2. depression and anxiety – (prozac 20mg , klonopin .25mg as needed)
3. Anemia- (Ferrous gluconate 3xday)
4. Degenerative Osteoarthritis – (Combunox)
5. Fybromalagia- (had for over 10 years) – (combunox, B-Complex Injections 1m x1 weekly)

—-As you can guess I am having a lot of problems with concentration,
fatigue and feeling I am in a ‘fog’.
I take caffeine pills about 4-5 times a day to stay awake and alert.
I took Adipex-P for a few months and my energy level went up 100% .
I am no longer taking Adipex (law says 2 months every 6mo or something like that)
I am going to my Dr and want to have a list of meds I think
would work for me and have been trying to do some research.
It would help me GREATLY if any of you have experience with similar problems and have found help (NO HERBAL or ALTERNATIVE MEDS-I PREFER PRESCRIPTION MEDS ONLY)
****Wellbutrin (bupropion)

Thanks for all Honest Replies- I really need some help getting my head out of the Fog. I wouldn’t mind something that made me feel ‘happier’ as I am pretty down in the dumps. Ive tried other Anti-depressants but prozac doesnt give me trouble so I stay with it.I need more energy and alertness and able to speak clearly again. i NEED the meds I am taking now- I only want to supplement my current meds with one (or two) that will help me.

A: i would suggest Provigil. It improves energy drastically – you can do a lot of things, don’t feel so hungry and it will make you feel ‘ok’ – its nothing that will make you feel ‘high or buzzed’ but it will make you wanna get up and get things done!

I would suggest going online and ordering a few of them. 200mg per day is the usual dose, however i think 400 mg is also alright (depending on you feel about it, you decide this dosage)

provigil also has neuroprotective properties (or so i’ve read)

caffeine – this is not great! caffeine will increase your energy for a little bit, and then it has a big ‘come down’ which’ll zap your spirit.
forget the caffeine pills, have coffee in normal amounts (like a lot of people do, even if its not the best thing to do) but no caffeine pills

btw – if you’re taking so much medication, your liver is gonna ‘rebel’ and you’re gonna feel the effects coz your liver just cant cope with so much

about vit b12 – you’re doctor’s giving it to you coz you’re obviously anaemic,. try to eat some more meat (red meat, its not so unhealthy if you take away the fat). if you’re taking it for any other reason apart from anaemia, then stop taking it coz b12 will go out of your body (in urine) as soon as your body has enough of it… so it’s just a waste of time taking B vitamins really (unless some real problem, like anaemia)

Q: I just started taking Wellbutrin and it’s making me very drowsy. ?
It supposed to give energy and improve concentration. Why am I have the opposite reaction

A: Everyone’s body reacts differently to medications, it’s normal to have adverse effects. I take an antidepressant as well, and it’s supposed to do the same thing, but it’s done the opposite for me too. I would suggest taking it at night, and if it starts to bother you, i’d call your doctor.

Q: Should I take wellbutrin?
I have been it before – if I take it I will have more energy and I wont be sad…. Cons to it though is that it seems to cognitively dim me, mess with my concentration and increase my fear of people…. There are good and bad things to it. Anybody have any advice? Any would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to be sad but I also don’t want to be uber scared of people.

A: Talk to your doctor about this. Wellbutrin is only one drug out there. Getting the right one (or combination) to treat the symptoms without the side effects can be tricky and take time, but it can be done. If your gp is prescribing, go see a psychiatrist. They simply know more about the ins and outs of these drugs and have more experience mixing and matching.

Best of luck.

Q: concentration problems, meds?
I am bi-polar and take lamictal, cymbalta, and wellbutrin, I’m having a really hard time concentrating, spacing out, learning new thing?
Anyone else or have some insight?

A: OK, first of all I feel your pain. Now, get to your doctor and have him review your current “cocktail” against what you are experiencing. Don’t give up, there IS help and life can be quite dandy actually. Hang in there!

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